The Aga Seafood Cookery Book

The very first Aga seafood cookbook. Mitchell Tonks, writing in his introduction to The Aga Seafood Cookbook: ‘The Aga is fantastically versatile when it comes to cooking seafood. I really love just being able to open the lids, throw pieces of seafood on the top and cook them to perfection in just a few minutes. I love the moistness of roasted monkfish tail cooked “just so” in the roasting oven. And it’s great that a rich shellfish and tomato stew can slowly cook in the top of the simmering oven, gently bringing out the wonderful rich flavours from the shells of the crustacea.’ It is his trailblazing approach to cooking seafood that has made Mitchell Tonks a household name amongst seafood lovers. Now, as the proud possessor of a new black four-oven Aga, Mitchell has written a wonderful seafood book for all Aga owners. A book full of recipes that reflect his philosophy that cooking should be a source of enjoyment, not drudgery. His food, and this book, is unashamedly about absolute freshness, seasonality, simplicity and above all flavour. Featuring over 75 seafood recipes for the Aga, The Aga Seafood Cookbook, is a long awaited addition to the shelves of fish-loving Aga cooks the world over.

Mitchell Tonks is an award-winning cookery writer, restaurateur and co-founder of the highly praised and award-winning FishWorks Seafood Cafs and Fishmongers. Mitchell has worked tirelessly to educate the nation in the wonderful ways of seafood through his restaurants, television appearances, books, cookery schools and demonstrations. He is author of the André-Simon-shortlisted FishWorks Seafood Café Cookbook (Absolute Press) and also the award-winning The Fishmonger’s Cookbook. Mitchell Tonks continues to oversee the opening of new FishWorks restaurants in London and the South of England. When he is not busy with one of his many projects and passions, he is to be found enjoying weekends in his home town of Bath, shopping for food, meeting friends and cooking for family on his beloved black four-oven Aga.

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