About us

About Us

Absolute Press was founded by Jon Croft in 1979, and began by publishing collections of recipes from the UK’s top chefs – a radical move at the time.

In 1981 Jon Croft commissioned Keith Floyd to write his first cookbook thus cementing a long publishing and personal relationship that helped transform TV tie-in food publishing and also produced a string of bestselling books from Floyd.

In 2011 we became an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

Food – restaurants, great chefs, single subjects, food movements – has been there since the very beginning. It has seen us produce benchmark titles on a number of subjects, from gastropub recipes to cooking with offal or game, and from books by the very finest Indian chefs to ones by some of the most critically acclaimed food writers of their times.

Over the years, Absolute has cemented its reputation for being one of the finest food publishers around. Each new commission begins with the same passion, energy and integrity that began everything 40 years ago. It is no coincidence that we have some of most admired and respected chefs and food writers on our list, including Tom Kerridge, Nathan Outlaw, Amanda Hesser, David Chang, Niklas Ekstedt, Anissa Helou, Atul Kochhar, Phil Howard, Tom Kitchin, Claire Clark, Jason Atherton, David Everitt-Mathias, Ivan Orkin and many, many more.

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Contact us: office@absolutepress.co.uk

To buy our books or to find out more about them, please visit: www.bloomsbury.com/uk/non-fiction/food-drink/