The Marmite Cookbook

The incredible bestseller: over a quarter of a million copies have been sold to date. A love-it-or-hate-it gift book that celebrates one of the great icons of the British store-cupboard. Packed with great recipes, delightful illustrations and hilarious Marmite-related anecdotes, this power-packed recipe-come-gift book is the ultimate celebration of the 100-year-old icon beloved of gourmets, gourmands and trencherman alike. Even those that hate it will love it! A perfect combination of great recipes, eye-catching design, and witty, fascinating anecdote.

Paul Hartley is renowned for his storecupboard wizardry. Other titles in the Storecupboard Cookbook series include The Horlicks Cookbook, The Heinz Tomato Ketchup Cookbook, The Colman’s Mustard Cookbook and The Lyle’s Golden Syrup Cookbook. Absolute Press – unapologetic Marmite fans – also publish The Bumper Book of Marmite.

The Cinnamon Club Cookbook

Anyone who has walked through the doors of The Cinnamon Club Restaurant housed in London’s Old Westminster Library building could not help but be impressed by what Iqbal Wahhab and Vivek Singh have created within. In conjunction with two-star Michelin chef Eric Chavot they have created an award-winning cuisine that has transformed the traditional view of Indian restaurant food. The Cinnamon Club Cookbook recreates the dishes that have brought the restaurant so much praise since first opening in 2001. All the Cinnamon Club favourites are here as well as recipes for breakfasts and the legendary Cinnamon Club cocktails. This is an Indian cookery book like no other before and seems certain to set the standard for some long time to come.

Iqbal Wahhab was a distinguished food journalist and restaurant publicist who famously edited Tandoori Magazine and claimed that most Indian restaurant staff were ‘miserable gits’. Perhaps not surprisingly, he was sacked from his editorial post and so he decided to put his (and other people’s) money where his mouth was and set about creating the greatest Indian restaurant in the world using the stunning talents of India’s leading young chef, Vivek Singh. The rest is the stuff of restaurant legend.


‘More than 130 recipes from the restaurant that revolutionised the way we think about Indian food’

‘Inspirational and easy to follow, you’ll never look at Rogan Josh the same way again.’

The Little Book of Aga Tips 2

Following on from the huge success of his original book of Aga tips, Richard Maggs has come up with another fifty invaluable tips for the Aga owner, from ‘avoiding heat loss’ to ‘ultimate Aga cleaning tricks’. Another two score and ten best bits of advice to help Aga owners get the best out of their range cooker. A rewarding impulse buy or stocking-filler, full of invaluable nuggets of Aga information.

Richard Maggs is the ‘Aga Doctor’ on the Aga website and is also regional manager for Aga shops in the South of England. He owns a blue Aga. A dynamic and accomplished chef, he has featured on TV and radio, and written for several food magazines including the official Aga Magazine.

Beyond Baked Beans

Fiona Beckett is one of Britain’s most respected food and drink writers. Beyond Baked Beans, is firmly geared towards revolutionising the way that students eat. Dispensing with patronising assumptions and cartoon-style design, this is a book for the student who wants to prepare meals that are worthy of the name, not just ‘grub’. Every angle is covered, from simple meals-for-one to communal kitchen banquets. A must-have cookery book for the post-Jamie generation in search of great food and fun times around the table.

Fiona Beckett is an award-winning food and drink journalist who has written for The Guardian, The Times and Sainsbury’s Magazine among many others, and is a contributing editor to Decanter Magazine. In 2002 she was voted Food Writer of the Year by the Guild of Food Writers. She is the author of a number of books, including Beyond Baked Beans Green, and Sausage & Mash.

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‘On reading the book from cover to cover I regretted that there was nothing around like this when I was a student and that it was Fiona who had the idea for this book and not me’
Antony Worrall Thompson, Daily Express

‘Beyond Baked Beans… will steer anyone interested in real food away from pot noodles.’
The Independent

‘Beckett has brought the student cookery book into the 21st century by including today’s tastes and ingredients.’
The Independent

‘There’s a ton of useful advice for novice cooks in here but the author doesn’t patronise which makes it a really useful book to have.’
Time Out

‘Direct and unponcy’
Nigel Barden, GLR

Anyone of any age who has never cooked, but suddenly has to, would be grateful for this book.
The Daily Telegraph

Stow a copy in every student’s stocking.
The Daily Mail

All the things you need to know when starting to cook for yourself.
Independent on Saturday Magazine

The perfect Christmas gift for students cooking for themselves.
Scotland on Sunday

Informative and fun, I’d recommend this title to everyone.
The Voice

The Little Book of Rayburn Tips

Fifty invaluable tips for the Rayburn owner, from ‘reinvigorating stale bread’ to ‘warming winter woollies’. Richard Maggs has assembled a half-century of pointers, shortcuts and recipe suggestions – a blessing to Rayburn owners everywhere. A rewarding impulse buy or stocking-filler, full of invaluable nuggets of Rayburn information.

69 Uses for a Water Bottle

The ideal present for the penknife-carrying, bottled-water-drinking traveller on a tight budget. A small-format gift book with 69 quite invaluable suggestions for what to do with a used plastic water bottle. Wonderful cartoons illustrate these clever hand-crafted contraptions, from mosquito coil holders to rustic wine glasses, tobacco pipes to instant washing lines and beer chillers to that other outback necessity – erm, the didgeridoo.

When it comes to travelling, Jon Dutton and Kathy Ready know better than most. They have set foot across myriad colours of foreign soil. They are also the authors of 69 Tricks to Travelling and 69 Essential Words for Travellers.

The Marmite World Cookbook

In 2003, The Marmite Cookbook was published and quickly became the surprise bestseller of Christmas 2003. Now there’s another!

Love it or hate it, there’s no ignoring Marmite. The original Marmite Cookbook was described as being possibly the most divisive cookbook ever, in which case THE MARMITE WORLD COOKBOOK must be a very close second.

Paul Hartley’s culinary magic sees Marmite infiltrate itself into some of the finest and most far-flung cuisines of the world … slowly mingling into the tagines of North Africa and making audacious appearances in everything from Chicken Caesar Salad to Mexican Beanpot with Cornmeal Dumplings. Marmite pops up in Thai-style Oxtail Soup, Georgian Feast Bread, and Rump Steak Kebabs, and it even makes a cameo appearance in Jamaican Curried Goat. There really is no stopping this versatile spread in its globetrotting quest to lift great dishes to new-found Marmitey heights.

As well as being packed with fabulous recipes, THE MARMITE WORLD COOKBOOK is full of anecdotes, trivia and irresistible photography, making it a truly indispensable book for the Marmite faithful.

Paul Hartley is renowned for his storecupboard wizardry and his best-selling books include The Marmite Cookbook, which has sold more than a quarter of a million copies. Other titles in the Storecupboard Cookbook series include The Horlicks Cookbook (2010), The Heinz Tomato Ketchup Cookbook, The Colman’s Mustard Cookbook and The Lyle’s Golden Syrup Cookbook. Absolute Press – unapologetic Marmite fans – also publish The Bumper Book of Marmite.

The New Aga Cook: Good Food Fast

In a busy world the Aga is often associated with a more gentle and calming pace of life, but sometimes even the most laid-back of us have to produce food under pressure. Laura James has responded to the realities of a modern life with a delightful collection of really simple but good recipes to cook on an Aga.