Terre à Terre

This is the book that vegetarians have been waiting and pleading for since Terre à Terre first opened its doors in Brighton 1992. The leader of the pack amongst Britain’s vegetarian restaurants for over 18 years, and lavishly garlanded with awards and praise, this is their first cookery book, and what a book it is!. Over 100 recipes from the repertoire that has made Terre à Terre the most talked about vegetarian restaurant in Britain are accompanied by sumptuously taste-bud stimulating food photography by award-wining food photographer Lisa Barber. Every vegetarian with a serious love of food, and indeed many carnivores who can recognise a very good thing when they taste it, will find this an indispensable addition to their cookery book collection.

Amanda Powley and Philip Taylor, both graduates of Brighton’s legendary Food For Friends, decided to open their own vegetarian restaurant in 1992 with a view to transforming the way in which vegetarian food was perceived. Constantly pushing the culinary boundaries as they went along they soon began to win awards from all the serious food guides, simultaneously finding a procession of fans beating a path to their door from all over the country and beyond. Both authors live in Brighton.


‘Tirelessly inventive vegetarian food’ The Good Food Guide 2009

‘One taste of Terre à Terre’s startlingly original vegetarian dishes will coax drooling effusions about tomatoes from even the most
hardened of carnivores’ The Guardian

‘This is a truly outstanding choice even if you’re a carnivore.’ The New York Times

Reviews (about the book):

‘What a revelation! For anyone who ever thought vegetarian cooking was all
lenil stew and cardboard texture veggie bacon, think again.’
Aga Living

‘The recipes here are simply astonishing, quite unlike those in any other
vegetarian cookbook. This is top class, inventive, fabulously inspiring
vegetarian food.’
The Vegetarian

‘With recipes this fabulous, from Brighton veggie destination Terre à Terre,
who needs to go out?’
Cook Vegetarian

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