A Spoonful of Ginger

Over 200 recipes, each with specific healing properties in accordance with the accumulated wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. Primarily a question of balance, eating in harmony with the seasons, countering yin (cool foods – spinach, tomatoes, seafood) with yang (hot foods – ginger, garlic, hot peppers, beef) and neutralisers (rice and noodles). Recipes to alleviate tiredness, the onset of cold, period pains, cancer deterrents and cholesterol problems – whatever your health concerns, here can be found the right restorative recipes. This book was an American sensation upon its US release, and earned a ranking in the amazon.com top-ten for that year.

Nina Simonds has lived, studied and travelled throughout South-East Asia and for the past twenty-five years she has taught cooking classes across the USA and in mainland China. She is a regular contributor to Gourmet magazine and has written several other highly acclaimed titles on Asian food.

* Winner of the James Beard Award

* Food Illustrated’s ‘Top Ten Books of the Year’

‘The artful marriage of Asian cuisines with Chinese medicine is a brilliant tour de force by American’s leading authority on Chinese gatronomy. This book is an enthralling combination of exquisite recipes – simple and homely as well as refined and exotic – and knowledge about the restorative and curative benefits of food and flavourings. It is about pleasure and health; elevates herbalist cuisine to a high level of excellence and gives a fascinating insight into Chinese philosophy and medicine. A book to treasure.’
Claudia Roden

‘Just as the Western world is becoming aware of how interrelated food and health are, here comes a jewel of a book to hold your hand and show you how to prepare the most mouth-watering East Asian dishes that could also lower cholesterol and blood pressure, ease colds and coughs and strengthen the immune system. Filled with many light comfort foods, this book has enough in it to cool you down on hot summery days and fill you with energizing warmth on cold wintry nights.’
Madhur Jaffrey

‘The concept of medicinal foods, so prominent in Chinese medicine and the inspiration for the developing market for functional foods in the West, is here presented in all its richness by a master cook. Nina Simonds’ recipes are recipes for health as well as for sensory delight. This book will be a classic.’
Andrew Weil, M.D

‘At last a book inspired by the Asian holistic philosophy of eating foods that are good for us. A guide to understand how to balance yin and yang – full of ancient wisdom. Nina’s infectious enthusiasm and delicious seasonal recipes nourish us and energize us.’
Darina Allen

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