The wonderfully strange world of Berger & Wyse

What a real joy it’s been to spend the last few weeks collating together pieces which make up the first book of Berger & Wyse food cartoons. For those who aren’t already aware of their (spare-)rib-tickling work from the Guardian Weekend magazine, they are humorists who express their love of food via a new cartoon each week. Their regular characters include the gastronauts and the godzillas and a whole host of neurotic, talking vegetables.

This beautiful comic collection contains 52 of their favourite pieces and there isn’t one of them that won’t merit a big grin, and many that will result in a giant (pork-)belly laugh. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall puts it very simply indeed: ‘I like Berger and Wyse cartoons and I like food, so I particularly like Berger and Wyse food cartoons.’

You can follow them on Twitter for updates on each new cartoon. Berger & Wyse is available from the beginning of September.

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