The Bumper Book of Marmite

A long time ago, in a factory far, far away… a spread was born that would divide the peoples of this planet for centuries to follow.
They were and still are split: there are those who love and those who hate. This book is for all who have ever so much as tasted, sniffed, scoffed at or rejected this particular spread, the most celebrated of all storecupboard icons: the one, the only, the irrepressible Marmite!

The Bumper Book of Marmite is a HUGEbook which explores the strange, beautiful, funny world of Marmite and the people, thoughts
and events that orbit it. It‚s almost as big as a coffee table. A huge publishing event and being produced with the full backing of Unilever, this book promises to be one of the biggest (and heaviest) gift books of the year.

Beautiful archive imagery, a full as-interesting-as-we-can-make-it history, glorious Marmite menu ideas, jolly clever ideas for jar-scraping and such-like and a bombardment of visual bits and bobs that prove just how very profound an effect this dark, mysterious yeast extract has had upon our culture, our homes, our hearts… our breath.


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