Cinnamon Kitchen: The Cookbook

A cookbook of modern Indian dishes from master Indian chef and award-winning author, Vivek Singh. The Cinnamon Kitchen is the sibling of the great Westminster restaurant The Cinnamon Club, where chef Vivek Singh made his name and helped spearhead a new and exciting direction for Indian food. As Executive Chef at Cinnamon Kitchen, Vivek has brought all of his talents to create new and exciting Indian dishes, all with fresh modern twists, and this cookbook is a collection of the very best of them. From Scottish Angus Fillet with Masala Potato Chips to Black Leg Chicken with Fresh Fenugreek, Singh marries ingredients and techniques from around the world with the traditions and flavours of Indian cuisine to create something truly unique and exciting. Vivek Singh is the author of the books, The Cinnamon Club Cookbook, The Cinnamon Club Seafood Cookbook and Curry.

‘A delicious tome for curry lovers who want more than just curry’
Sunday Times

‘Cinnamon Kitchen serves up a mix of European produce and Indian and Middle-Eastern spicing and cooking techniques. It is very on-trend, and so is Singh’s accompanying book’
Daily Telegraph

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