Berger & Wyse: Collected Food Cartoons from the Guardian

A truly charming gift for any foodie. A brilliant collection of foodie cartoons from the Guardian’s star cartoonists, Berger and Wyse. This beautiful collection of artwork features their very best selections, all compiled from the regular strip which they have been producing for Guardian Weekend magazine since 2007. All of their regular characters are here, including the gastronauts, the godzillas and many neurotic, talking vegetables. Satirical swipes across the social classes prevail and fads of the food world are lampooned mercilessly. No avocado stone is left unturned. A real passion for food and drink (and for wining and dining) is manifest through this wonderful and very witty collection of their work – the first such time that these sketches have been collected under one roof.

Pascal Wyse and Joe Berger have also written and produced animations and comic strips for Channel 4, BBC, BSkyB and Animal Planet. They have also produced and written books: Wyse Words: A Dictionary for the Bewildered, (Chambers) and Bridget Fidget (Puffin).

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