The Balthazar Cookbook

Balthazar is one of the great restaurants of the world, a perfect evocation of a French brasserie (in a beautiful room in Manhattan)‚ and The Balthazar Cookbook is one of the great celebrations of classic French regional brasserie cooking. Starting life as one of the hottest tables in New York, Balthazar immediately attracted a host of glittering A-list clientele, food lovers, and those who wanted to see and to be seen. And yet is has remained since opening, to its eternal credit, wonderfully democratic, just like the food it serves. With recipes ranging from the most iconic and nostalgic French dishes such as Moules Marinire, Cassoulet and Coq au Vin, to its world-famous‚ house‚ Balthazar salad, this is French bistro food at its finest, with just a hint of contemporary culinary savvy thrown in. Like the restaurant itself, Keith McNally’s cookbook is elegant, unpretentious and timeless, with recipes that quite literally lift the lid on classic French brasserie cooking. With a wonderfully clean, stylish layout and design that reflects the belle-epoque charm of the restaurant, this is a book you will want to return to time and time again.

Opened by Englishman Keith McNally in 1997, Balthazar has rapidly become a feature of New York’s culinary landscape. Overlooking the irony of a Brit teaching New Yorkers how to eat French food, McNally’s empire of brasserie-style restaurants (including the famous Pastis, Lucky Strike and Schillor’s Liquor Bar) are effortlessly chic. According to the famously self-effacing McNally, he seeks to create places that he himself would like to eat in. And has, albeit slightly reluctantly, agreed to come over to the UK around publication time, in September 2010, to talk about his extraordinary life and career for the first time‚ which in itself will be a major press event!


From David Chang, currently the hottest chef in the culinary world, comes this his first book, written with New York Times food critic Peter Meehan, packed full of ingeniously creative recipes. Already a sensational world star, Chang produces a buzzing fusion of Korean/Asian and Western cuisine, creating a style of food which defies easy categorisation. That it is fantastic, there is no doubt, and that it is eminently cookable, there is also no doubt! In the words of Chang himself, it is‚ ‘bad pseudo-fusion cuisine’! The vibrant, urban feel of the book is teamed perfectly with clear and insightful writing that is both witty and accessible. Backed by undeniably informed technique and a clearly passionate advocation of cutting-edge fusion cooking, Chang’s Momofuku is a stunning, no-holds barred, debut.

A heady, confrontational, passionate chef, David Chang has already scooped two Michelin stars and is the owner of four hugely successful restaurants that are rapidly redesigning the culinary landscape of Manhattan (and beyond) to vast critical acclaim. Chang’s reputation around the world already precedes him as an uncompromisingly talented chef who has a simple mantra of serving urban, inventive fusion food. A seemingly unstoppable force in the culinary world, Chang brings us gritty and exhilarating recipes in Momofuku.


‘This is a brilliant cookbook… this boy can cook. Technically, he’s great, he acts his age, is not up his own arse.’
Jamie Oliver, Jamie Magazine

‘The most exciting book of the year… It’s an intelligent middle ground between fusion food and localism.’
Guardian Word of Mouth

‘… a genuinely essential purchase.’

‘Think of a young Gordon Ramsay crossed with Anthony Bourdain, seasoned with chilli and kimchi.’
Waterstone’s, ‘Best Books of 2010’

The Horlicks Cookbook

Yet another fantastic storecupboard title in Paul Hartley’s ever-popular series. The Horlicks Cookbook celebrates the unexpected versatility of the nation’s favourite bedtime drink. Demonstrating the versatility of this much-loved malt powder, Hartley has, in his latest addition to a tantalising line-up of storecupboard cookbooks, expanded his repertoire to include a wonderfully zestful and far from rest-inducing selection of recipes that will do more than just help you unwind for a good night’s sleep. With everything from exotic and tasty savoury dishes to irresistible sweet treats, this latest in his storecupboard series is guaranteed NOT to put you to sleep!

Lotte’s Country Kitchen

An effervescent take on the country kitchen format, Lotte’s Country Kitchen oozes tied-with-a-pink-bow charm and wonder. This is honest, fun, home-cooked food, sprinkled all over with edible silvery glitter – fabulous recipes that link together via sweet and saucy anecdote and the occasional gin and tonic. Beautiful food photography from Lara Holmes, all shot around Lotte’s home and garden, finish this beautiful edition of seasonal recipes.

Lotte Duncan has presented and starred in numerous TV programmes, including Countryfile, Cooking the Books and Dial A Mum, and was for many years the face of UKTV Food’s Great Food Live. She is a professional cook and Aga demonstrator. Her beautiful cottage and garden in Buckinghamshire – where her book was photographed – have featured in many interiors and gardening periodicals.

Indulge: 100 Perfect Desserts

In her stunningly beautiful debut book, Claire Clark takes the reader on a mouth-watering journey through her repertoire of some of the most delectable desserts, cakes and puddings from around the world. From classic homely baking to gorgeous patisserie, voluptuous ice creams and delicate petits fours. Jean Cazals’ exquisite photography acts as the perfect showcase for Clark’s inimitable recipes.

Claire Clark, regarded as one of the top two or three pastry chefs in the world, learned her craft under the legendary Swiss patissiers Ernest Bachmann and John Huber. Her glittering career has taken her to some of the leading restaurants in London including the kitchens of Claridges Hotel in Mayfair and The Wolseley on Piccadilly. Claire Clark, moved to California in 2005 to take up the position of Head Pastry chef at The French Laundry, voted ‘The Best Restaurant in the World’ in 2005, where she works under the admiring eye of the inspirational double three-star Michelin chef Thomas Keller. Indulge is her first book.

‘This beautiful book gives you endless inspiration for dinner parties’
Sainsbury’s Magazine

‘Clark is a natural teacher […] one of the best pastry chefs in the world. From the exemplary food publisher Absolute Press.’
Sunday Telegraph, ‘Books of the Year’

‘This book – a stunning journey through one woman’s reportoire of delectable desserts, cakes and puddings – is a revelation. It reminds us that one of the world’s top pastry chefs, author Claire Clark, is British. Clare left these shores for the US and is now head pastry chef at the French Laundry, often voted the best restaurant in the world. These desserts show you why.’

‘Anyone passionate about puddings won’t be disappointed by this book.’
BBC Good Food Magazine

‘A comprehensive collection of tantalising desserts, cakes and puddings.’
Tandoori Magazine

‘Real show-off puds for maximum dinner-party impact.’
The Week

‘A deeply stylish book […] winter has never tasted so good.’