The Little Book of Gardening Tips

A desirable gift book; the perfect present for gardeners of all ages, at a price that will be hard to resist. The Little Book of Gardening Tips contains a plethora of facts, hints and tips about lawns, flowers, soil, pots and everything green-fingered. Learn how to tell the difference between soil that will kill your azaleas and soil that will give life to your old-fashioned roses. Instantly check when is the right time to sow your lawn seed and when is the wrong time to prune your yew hedge. The Little Book of Gardening Tips helps you make short work of a long job and shows you how the professionals go about their business.

William Fortt is a gardener of long standing, whose cottage garden in Wiltshire is famed for the beauty of its rare plants and the wonders of its many varieties of culinary and medicinal herbs. He has been an author for more than 30 years, with many books to his name.

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