The Fifth Quarter: An Offal Cookbook

A classic work. The Fifth Quarter is the only book dedicated exclusively to the subject of offal. A book dedicated to offal – currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity and fashion – in all its many and surprising forms. Neatly categorised, stylishly designed and of interest to any offal eater – from the tame and curious to the daring and decadent. From foie gras and cod’s roe to sheep’s head and testicles, this book draws on recipes and traditions from all over the world.

Anissa Helou is the award-winning author of Lebanese Food, accepted as the definitive book on the subject, and is a regular contributor to Radio 4’s Food Programme, BBC television and magazines and newspapers. Her most recent book is Mediterranean Street Food, published by Harper Collins in the USA.


Annisa Helou’s Lebanese background, plus years of research throughout the Mediterranean for earlier books, bring a uniquely exotic element to this subject. A must for any true offal enthusiast, and a fascinating reference work.

The Independent

Some cooks are monomaniacs, which is why Annisa Helou’s The Fifth Quarter, an offal cookbook will be a hit with a few. She goes mad for heart kebabs, stuffed spleen and calf’s feet, drawing largely on the Mediterranean for inspiration.
The Guardian

Adventurous palates will relish the cooking phenomenon of nose-to-tail.

[This] elegantly designed book on offal and off-cuts of meat… is uncompromising in its approach. Some of her recipes are not for the squeamish, but there are more approachable ones too. Her sweet-bread boreks are wonderful.
The Spectator

Anyone with even the slightest taste for offal should rush out and buy Anissa Helou’s The Fifth Quarter. This wonderful book takes in everything from foie gras and chicken wings to fish tripe soup , abalone and goose feet. There are some great liver and kidney recipes too. An excellent glossary provides any of the extra info you might need.

Tom Parker Bowles, Mail on Sunday

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