South African Cape Malay Cooking

Sonia Allison, one of Britain’s leading food writers, and Myrna Robins, one of the Cape’s most highly acclaimed writers, combine their immense talents to celebrate the food and customs of the Cape Malay community. This is a sparklingly original cuisine combining the tastes and recipes from Malaya and the Dutch East Indies with the herbs, spices and foods of the Cape. Sonia Allison is one of Britain’s leading food writers and is also the author of several other Absolute Press titles: Low Cholesterol Glutton and Kind Hearted Cooking.

Sonia Allison is one of Britain’s leading food writers.


‘This modest book is a charming introduction to a curious corner of culinary culture’
The Guardian

‘The Cape Malay community has a unique and spicy cuisine all of its own.’
BBC Food Programme

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