Hashi: A Japanese Cookery Course

The intention on publication is a clear and stated one – for this book, Hashi, to become the classic introduction to the wonderful world of Japanese food.

Hashi is a book of Japanese food that replicates the famous cookery classes that Reiko runs from her south-west London home. Hashi takes the reader through the many mysteries – at least as conceived by the Western mind – of the basics of Japanese cooking. From there it steps up to favourites from the Japanese home kitchen, finishing with a selection of slightly more adventurous dishes that are sure to excite. Written with great style and precision, Reiko leads the reader gently through the various challenges that confront the Western eye when it comes to tackling the food of Japan.

Reiko Hashimoto has been teaching people the joys and pleasures of Japanese cooking via the cookery school classes she runs from her south-west London home for more than ten years. Prior to this, she taught Japanese cooking to the foreign community in Tokyo. She has travelled extensively over the last 25 years, learning the ways and means of a variety of food cultures. Food is her passion.

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