Game: A Cookbook

Two of the best food writers working today tackle a subject that has been in need of a definitive and fresh guide for many years. Game: The Cookbook features game in all its forms ‚ furred, feathered and fish ‚ and will surely establish itself as the new benchmark on the subject.

In this book, the authors share a knowledge on game cooking that is unrivalled in print form. They show how game offers so many wonderful and affordable choices for the home cook and just how easy it is to source, prepare and cook ‚ something that precious few people seem to realise. They set out to completely demystify their subject and offer expert advice on how to joint, prepare, cook and enjoy every possible aspect of the foods that are hunted from the lands, skies and waters of Britain. Written with extreme clarity, insight and passion, and divided into chapters on ‚four legs‚, ‚two legs‚ and ‚no legs‚, this book really does explore every possible part of the world of game that you could ever wish to know. A true tour de force from a writing team at the height of their powers.

Tom Norrington-Davies and Trish Hilferty are two of the most highly respected chefs working in London today, with careers which have seen them running such legendary places as The Eagle, The Fox and currently Great Queen Street and The Anchor and Hope. They have also contributed significantly to a canon of the more enlightened, creative and serious food writing of our times; via columns and articles, in broadsheet and magazine form, but perhaps most impressively of all through their highly-praised and award-winning books, such as Tom‚s Just Like Mother Used to Make (Cassell) and Trish‚s Gastropub Classics and Fish and Chips (both Absolute Press). Fully illustrated throughout, Jason Lowe‚s stunning photography is fittingly all-encompassing and informative.

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