Phillip Taylor

Photo © Lisa Barber / Absolute Press
Philip Taylor and Amanda Powley were both graduates of Brighton’s legendary vegetarian restaurant, Food For Friends. They decided to open their own vegetarian restaurant in 1992 with a view to transforming the way in which vegetarian food was perceived. Almost twenty years later and that is precisely what they achieved and are continuing to do day after day – constantly pushing culinary boundaries to deliver the most original and exciting food that they can. Their restaurant has won awards and plaudits from all the serious food guides and from many top food critics and their loyal following extends far beyond their Brighton homeland. In 2009, Absolute Press published their first book, a book of restaurant recipes. Terre à Terre: The Vegetarian Cookbook was widely acclaimed and quickly established itself as one of the most original and exciting cookbooks of modern times.

Terre à Terre

Amanda Powley, Phillip Taylor

This is the book that vegetarians have been waiting and pleading for since Terre à Terre first opened its doors in Brighton 1992. The leader...