Mark Northeast

Mark Northeast's astonishing rise to fame all started out as a simple bit of fun: a way to cheer up a grumpy four-year-old who didn’t want anything for lunch one day. He improvised with a sandwich cut into the shape of a space rocket. The result was a big smile from his son and an empty plate minutes later. He then posted a picture on Facebook, then came a picture gallery of other sandwich creations, then a website... and then things really started getting ridiculously busy. The Funky Lunch website was set up at the beginning of 2009; Mark did not realise that it would become a worldwide media sensation almost overnight. After a year of global news coverage, tireless self-promotion and interviews, Mark collected all of his favourite creations into this first inspiring Funky Lunch book. And yet, it didn't even stop there. A host of business awards, rave reviews and a reprint of the book followed and then the award of ‘Best Children’s Cookbook in the UK’ at the 2011 World Gourmand Awards. Mark continues to push the Funky word, with school workshops and various other initiatives up his sleeve. A second book is being planned for 2012.

Funky Party

Mark Northeast

The much anticipated follow-up to the charming Funky Lunch. Mark Northeast sets out beyond the humble sandwich to create myriad food recipes, some savoury and some...

Funky Lunch

Mark Northeast

‘Best Children’s Cookbook in UK’ 2011 World Gourmand Awards. Funky Lunch started out from a very simple place – the desire of a loving father...