World Food

The Little Book of Pasta Tips

Andrew Langley

The Little Books of Tips series is a collection of books, each 50 tips in size, delivering wisdom and advice on a whole range of...

The Balthazar Cookbook

Keith McNally, Lee Hanson, Raid Nasr

Balthazar is one of the great restaurants of the world, a perfect evocation of a French brasserie (in a beautiful room in Manhattan)‚ and The...


David Chang

From David Chang, currently the hottest chef in the culinary world, comes this his first book, written with New York Times food critic Peter Meehan,...

Indian Superfood

Gurpareet Bains

Gurpareet Bains blitzed his way through a flurry of international press back in September when he created ‘the world’s healthiest meal’. A quite amazing claim,...

Curry: Classic and Contemporary

Vivek Singh

Vivek Singh, Executive Chef of The Cinnamon Club restaurant has produced a book of groundbreaking and accessible contemporary curries, marrying eastern and western techniques and...

Chef! 20 Great British Chefs, 100 Great ...

James Bulmer, James Winter

Chef! 20 Great British Chefs, 100 Great British Recipes is a celebration in words, pictures and recipes of the current brilliance of British cooking and...

Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen

Vineet Bhatia

Vineet Bhatia’s New Indian Kitchen is an extraordinary culinary tour de force by the world’s most celebrated Indian chef. The first Indian chef to be...

Cuisinier Gascon

Pascal Aussignac

Cuisinier Gascon is Michelin starred chef Pascal Aussignac’s exquisitely evocative celebration of the food and culture of his native Gascony. On moving to Britain in...

Momma Cherri's Soul in a Bowl Cookbook

Charita Jones

A first book from Charita Jones – a.k.a Momma Cherri – is a wonderfully colourful collection of soul food recipes. Soul Food is the food...

Fish, Indian Style

Atul Kochhar

Fish, Indian Style is a book of simple and easy recipes, marrying fish with the spices and flavours of India. Kochhar applies a simple but...