Blistering Barbecues: Burgers, Wraps & Kebabs

Blistering Barbecues: Burgers, Wraps & Kebabs is a perfect till-point book for the summer months (sister edition Blistering Barbecues: Sauces, Salsas & Marinades is being published simultaneously). These are brilliantly delicious recipes for great barbecue favourites. What the Blistering team do so well is transform the mundane into the extraordinary; they do so through an innovative use of flavours and
combinations, put together with style and punch. This is party food at its best from a team who have catered for over 4,000 hungry guests and who know exactly how to satisfy each and every eager tastebud.

Kate Weatherell and Nigel Tunnicliff are the authors of the bestselling barbecue book, Blistering Barbecues. Hailed on first publication as the definitive book on the subject of cooking outdoors, the book proved to be a hit both at home and abroad. Nigel Tunnicliff is the co-owner of the world-renowned barbecue and catering company, Blistering Barbecues. Kate Weatherell is an established cookery writer and author of Sugar & Spice.

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