BabyCakes has been hailed as helping to propel the world of gluten-free and vegan baking into its rightful place alongside a stellar compendium of bakeries such as Magnolia in New York and Hummingbird in London. In this, her first book, Erin McKenna produces an amazing and tantalising collection of stunning sugar- and mostly gluten-free, vegan sweet delights which are guaranteed to attract not only the avid cake lover with dietary intolerances, but any sweet-toothed person that goes weak at the sight of frosting, cupcakes and cookies.

Responding to the need for an alternative to conventional baking, Erin McKenna opened her retro-style Manhattan bakery in 2005 and soon found it the destination of food-intolerant, sweet-toothed pilgrims the world over. Refusing to shy away from the myriad of dietary sensitivities, McKenna has created a collection of beautiful cakes that cannot fail to tempt even the most hardened of sugar-loving conventionalists. Not a baker by training, but certainly by heart, McKenna offers an inspiring wealth of patisserie that is set to continue its triumphant success beyond the bounds of her native America.

At BabyCakes NYC I can eat what I crave without harming my lovely animal friends ‚ or myself. Ever since that first fateful day, I’ve been waiting for this cookbook.
Natalie Portman

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