Tom Kerridge at Toppings, Bath

One of the highlights of our year is Tom Kerridge’s trip to our home-town of Bath, and on 2nd February, Toppings, a local and much-loved bookshop, are hosting an evening with Tom Kerridge. Tom will be discussing his new book Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet, and answering your questions.

Tickets sell out fast so be sure to get your now…

New for 2017

We’re delighted to have confirmed our publishing list for the first part of 2017. It kicks off in January with Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet and Reiko Hashimoto’s Cook Japan, Stay Slim, Live Longer; great titles to get you back into shape after an indulgent Christmas.

February sees a beautiful revised edition of Valentina Harris’ seminal work, Risotto! Risotto!, with some brand new recipes and new photography throughout.

Rob Kirby shows us how to make and give edible presents in the delightful Delicious Gifts, with a great selection of recipes to inspire readers alongside his top tips for presentation. This book is perfectly-timed for those wanting to make Easter treats, with publication due in March.

Also in March we have our newest MasterChef offering. This time MasterChef: Street Food of the World looks at an incredible variety of iconic street food dishes from across the globe, from po’boys to pad Thai and beyond.

In April we have the hotly-anticipated Junk Food Japan from Scott Hallsworth, an exciting look at the alternative side of Japanese eating, with recipes from his hit London-restaurants, Kurobuta.

Atul Kochhar’s new book, 30 Minute Curries, is released in May, with a range of ideas for how to transform weeknight dinners, packed full of flavours and with his trademark mix of using the best and freshest British produce with his modern Indian twist.

We’ll be releasing details of the rest of our 2017 titles over the next couple of months so stay tuned…

30 Minute Curries


Curry is the nation’s favourite dish, but too often it can seem daunting to attempt at home. In this beautiful new book Michelin-starred chef and BBC’s Great British Menu and Saturday Kitchen favourite Atul Kochhar shows readers how to create simple curries in their own homes in just 30 minutes, transforming boring weeknight dinners. Complementing the curries, Atul provides an introduction to spice mixes and the best way to store these ready for use in the quick and easy recipes.

Dishes included showcase Atul’s trademark mix of using the best and freshest British produce and his modern Indian style, and ensure that this book is one you will cook from time and time again.

This is a book for curry lovers everywhere, with each of the curries included accompanied by stunning photography by Mike Cooper.

Risotto! Risotto!


Prized for its texture, flavour and versatility, risotto has been part of the Italian diet since the eighth century and is one of Italy’s most famous dishes. This revised and updated edition of Valentina Harris’ seminal work shows you how to prepare, cook and serve this iconic dish using ingredients from the humble tomato to the much sought-after truffle.

With a fully updated introduction and some brand new recipes, as well as background information on the history of this famous dish, Valentina provides essential information on the variety of rice that can be used for risotto and how to make the all-important stock. Recipes are supplemented by beautiful photography of the dishes by Ian Garlick and a step-by-step guide to the perfect risotto.

This is the perfect book for any risotto lover.

Cook Japan, Stay Slim, Live Longer


Reiko Hashimoto explores the benefits of the Japanese diet – slim physique, stable blood sugar, increased joint flexibility and a longer lifespan – and provides an insight into key Japanese fresh and store cupboard essentials.

Debunking the myths surrounding the complexity and accessibility of Japanese food, the 100 recipes included here are constructed with easy to follow instructions and vary from basics to technically complex, perfect for all those wishing to perfect the art of Japanese home cooking. Beautiful photography from Jodi Hinds complements Reiko’s recipes and introductions.

With Japanese food so enjoyed in restaurants across the country this is the perfect book for home cooks.

Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet: My low-carb, stay happy way to lose weight


Thanks to his Dopamine Diet, Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge has shed eleven stone over the past three years. That’s the same as 70 bags of sugar. If you’re struggling with your weight and need to shift unhealthy pounds, this new approach makes it easy, and is guaranteed to make you feel happier in the process.

Most people find it hard to keep to a long-term diet, but this one is different. The recipes feature ingredients that trigger the release of the ‘happy hormone’ dopamine in your brain, so it’s a diet that will make you feel good! Tom’s ‘dopamine heroes’ include dairy products such as double cream and yoghurt, good-quality meats including beef, chicken and turkey, and chocolate, coffee and vanilla. And by ditching alcohol and starchy carbs in favour of plenty of protein, fresh fruit and veg, you will be eating meals that will help you shed the weight, whilst offering a satisfying intensity of flavour.

Treats in store for Dopamine Dieters include spinach, bacon and mint soup; fried halloumi with roasted onion salad; sticky Moroccan spiced chicken; shepherd’s pie with cauliflower and blue cheese topping; soy glazed cod with garlic, chilli and ginger; braised beef with horseradish; Chinese pork hot pot; and chocolate mousse with sesame almond biscuits. These are recipes that can be shared with friends and family – and the best news is that you don’t have to calorie count. It worked for Tom and it can work for you. Give it a go! And lose weight the Dopamine Diet way.