Traditional Aga Christmas

New for September 2013. A revised edition of this classic Louise Walker book, beautifully photographed by Mike Cooper. This Christmas collection features recipes to suit and stretch right across the festive season, from those that can be cooked and stored in advance to ones perfect for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and beyond. A Christmas Day countdown will ease any concerns over planning for the main event. There are also plentiful suggestions for making the most of leftovers and ideas for forward thinking for each and every occasion. As the year closes in, this is the one book that no Aga cook can afford to be without.

In 1994, Louise Walker’s The Traditional Aga Cookery Book was published. It marked the beginning of a remarkable series of titles that have been consistent sellers and a source of inspiration and reassurance for tens of thousands of Aga owners all over the world. Louise runs Aga cookery classes from around the four-oven Aga from her home in Bath, and travels to Aga shops all over the United Kingdom to demonstrate to both new and seasoned Aga owners.

Complete Wine Selector

It’s finally here: a new, easy way to choose and enjoy wine. Writer Katherine Cole sought out advice from the world’s most prominent young sommeliers and chefs in her quest to redefine the wine-selection process. The result of her research is Complete Wine Selector, which turns traditional wine education on its head by approaching wines by style rather than by region or grape variety. Colourful visuals and pithy text, casebook examples and tutored tasting classes are presented in a crisp, graphic format.