Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food

The king of beautiful pub food has collected all of his dishes into this indulgent cookbook, ready to warm the world on a grey day and restore the nation’s good mood. Tom Kerridge’s idea of food heaven isn’t molecular gastronomy; it’s proper pub food, with simple twists to take it the extra mile.

In this cookbook, Tom is on a mission to prove that everyone can make sensational pub dishes. More than 125 recipes reveal his secrets for making food truly amazing, from the dishes that brought cheer in his childhood to the kind of special treats served at his very own one-of-a-kind pub: The Hand and Flowers. These recipes get close to that kind of standard not because they’re overly complicated and could grace a Michelin-starred menu, but because they are simply the best version you’ll ever have of dishes that everyone will want to eat.

This fantastic feel-good cookbook is the official accompaniment to the TV show, Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food, featuring all of the recipes from the six-episode series and many, many more. Each show contains a mixture of unforgettable food moments, including breakfasts that keep you smiling for the whole day, small plates, fish and meat classics, great pub snacks and perfect puddings.


Book errata notice:

Very regrettably there were three misprints in Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food. The salt quantity in the brine solution in the recipes for Brined Pork Belly and Puy Lentils with Black Cabbage Salsa (p.146) and Tom’s Fried Chicken in a Basket (p.189) should be 200g not 500g. The saltpetre quantity in the brine solution in the recipe for Hot Salt-beef Bagels with Pickled Vegetables and Black Pepper Cream Cheese (p.154) should be 15g not 50g. These three misprints have now been corrected. Huge apologies.
24th October 2013