Reiko Hashimoto at Harvey Nichols, London

Reiko will be participating in a few Japanese food-themed events at Harvey Nichols’ flagship Knightsbridge store over the coming months. The first will be on Saturday 18th August, from 2pm–6pm. Reiko will be answering questions on Japanese cooking and will be signing copies of her brilliant first book, Hashi. Do drop in if you’re in town!

Gurpareet Bains at Port Eliot Festival

Gurpareet Bains, author of the bestselling Indian Superfood, will be at the Port Eliot Festival this year, 19th-22nd July. Now in its ninth year, the festival is an annual celebration of the arts, with a great roster of stellar names from the food world in this year’s line-up.

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The Square: The Cookbook (Volume 1: Savoury)


There are some books we publish which, from the outset, you know are going to be special. This was true of the first book from Philip Howard: a collection of recipes from his restaurant, The Square. We knew we wouldn’t be able do the recipes justice in one volume, so it became two – a first volume, Savoury (due in September), followed by Sweet (due in June of next year). We knew we couldn’t limit it to the conventional two pages per recipe and food photo, so they each became either 4 or 6 pages. We knew we couldn’t illustrate anything less than every one of those recipes, so one of the world’s finest food photographers, Jean Cazals, did just that. And yet these measures, which bring this colossal first volume of Philip Howard’s recipes in at 528 pages, are only a small part of why this book is so special. It is special because it represents a collection of recipes from 21 years of one of the country’s finest and most consistently fine restaurants. Special because the chef who has been at the helm of that restaurant for all of those years is recognised as one of the very best of his generation. But most of all, it is special because that chef has that rare ability to translate a genius in the restaurant kitchen into the words of a book. This was evident from the day we received the first written recipe, and, with it, Philip’s fiercely intelligent vision for how the book – and every recipe within it – should be structured. It is also manifest in the dozen or so essays that weave throughout, that show a profound consideration and passion for every aspect of his craft and industry. Due in September, The Square: The Cookbook (Volume 1: Savoury) will be a landmark publication and become a must-have book for every chef and for every serious foodie without question. Yet it couldn’t also fail to impress and inspire anyone with a desire for cooking and a thirst for food knowledge. It will be recognised as nothing less than an incredible achievement and a book of truly unbounded culinary ambition.