One Spice, Two Spice

Over 140 recipes from the chef of New York City’s world-famous Tabla restaurant. Cardoz is truly one of the world’s most exciting innovators. This collection bridges the gap between the Western palate and the wonderful taste memories that have remained so pungent from the food of his childhood in Bombay and Goa. It is a book for home cooks who wish to enjoy the flavours of India but who might have been intimidated by the unusual and numerous spices required. Cardoz renders these spices user-friendly, and shows you how to seamlessly integrate these new flavours into your cooking through his tried and tested techniques – with stunning results.

Floyd Cardoz was born in Bombay and after culinary school in India and Switzerland moved to New York. In 1997, together with Danny Meyer, he created Tabla, which was given three stars by the New York Times shortly after it opened. One Spice, Two Spice is his first book.

Mexican Kitchen

Rick Bayless is the world’s leading writer on Mexican food and until the publication of this award-winning book, the food loving public have had few authorities to help translate the heart of this world class cuisine to everyday cooking. His recipes provide inspiration and guidance, mixed with passion, clarity and humour. Mexican Kitchen has established itself as the ‘Bible’ of Mexican cooking, and is a must for all lovers of Mexican food.


• Winner of the Julia Child Cook Book Award

‘Before Rick Bayless, Mexican food was misunderstood and underappreciated by most Europoeans; after Bayless that should all change.’
Loyd Grossman

‘The definitive guide to recreating the country’s tastiest mortsels’
The Daily Express

‘Here’s the book that will give you more uses for hot peppers than most. Chipotle, poblano and habanero – Bayless describes their distinctive qualities and instructs on their deployment in the salsas and flavouring pastes that form the basis of 150 recipes which make up the bulk of the book. But upfront he offers simpler suggestions for splashing their flavour into casually instant dishes.’
Food and Travel

‘Crammed with information and insight’
Somerfield Magazine

‘The definitive Mexican cookbook.’

The Little Book of Bridge Tips

A great little book to guide you through the key areas of the game: defence, play and bidding. Perfect for those who want to know what to lead with or for players who can’t decide upon the right bid. It also teaches important pyschological aspects of the game, including advice on how to be a good partner. You’re bound to come up trumps after a read through this delightful little book.

Chris Jones is an accomplished bridge player who has been enjoying the game for more than 30 years.

The Little Book of Green Tips

The Little Book of Green Tips will open your eyes. It’s packed with eco-friendly ideas that go way beyond just doorstep recycling; ideas that will truly make a difference towards enhancing and saving the world in which we live. There are lots of tips that obey the Three Rs principle (Reduce, Refuse, Recycle): from learning to travel more economically, to growing and eating your own food. Learn also how to dispose ethically of those things which can’t be re-used or passed on and get a grip on how to educate yourself and others in the ways of looking after the planet.

William Fortt has had a keen interest in the environment and has practised a green way of living for more than 30 years. He has been authoring books for most of that time.

Divine Chocolate Cookbook: Heavenly Chocolate Recipes with a Heart


‘Best UK Chocolate Book’
2007 World Gourmand Awards

The Divine chocolate cookbook is an unashamedly gorgeous celebration of the wonderful Fairtrade chocolate produced by the Divine Chocolate Company – featuring over 100 mouth-watering chocolate based recipes ranging from fantastic cakes to sweets, puddings and pastries and on through to exotic cocktails and even savoury dishes. Described as ‘the chocolate with a heart’, Divine is the first Fairtrade chocolate aimed at the mass confectionery market. It is also the only Fairtrade chocolate that is co-owned by the Ghanaian co-operative of cocoa farmers, Kuapa Kokoo, so not only do the farmers receive a fair price but they also share in the company’s profits. Awarded top-rating by the Telegraph’s panel of chocolate experts, all Divine chocolate is made with pure cocoa butter and real vanilla to ensure a taste that truly is divine. Mouthwatering photography from Lisa Barber makes this book look every bit as good as its recipes taste.

All the royalties from the sale of this book will go to the Divine Chocolate Company and the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo.

Linda Collister is a highly respected author of many successful books on baking, bread making and chocolate – she is in fact often referred to as the ‘Queen of Chocolate’.


‘Unbelievable hedonism’
Observer Food Monthly

‘This lovely hardback gives you everything you’d want from a chocolate cookbook’
BBC Good Food Magazine

‘A sumptuously illustrated book’
Bella Magazine

‘A chocolate cookbook so scrumptious we found ourselves drooling all over the pages.’
Woman’s Way

‘Every single recipe is sure to leave you weak at the knees.’

‘Virtually everything you need to know about cooking with chocolate’
The Oxford Times

‘Full of yummy fair-trade recipes’
Scotland on Sunday

The Little Book of Fishing Tips

A great little book to help you get the most from your fishing. Advice on the best bait and the essential equipment you can’t do without. There are also technique masterclasses for freshwater, sea and nightime fishing, plus the dos and donts of casting. Hints on hooking, catching, landing and handling and some top tackle tips make this a rounded book for the seasoned fisher and novice alike.

Mick Devenish has been fishing for over forty years, all over the world, in all sorts of water and against all forms of adversity.

The Little Book of Kitten Tips

The little book that anyone with a kitten should own. It offers great advice on introducing a kitten to its new surroundings including establishing house-training routines quickly and precisely. Practical advice on how to kitten-proof your home, how to make playtime fun and some of the pussycat pitfalls to avoid.

Andrew Langley has written on a vast variety of different subjects. He has added cats, dogs and pets galore to his family entourage over the last twenty years and knows all about scatched wallpaper, teethmarks in the Chippendale and raking out wet litter.