The Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce Cookbook

A piquant collection of 40 recipes, from the bestselling author who has ingeniously challenged our thinking regarding the limitations of some of our best-loved storecupbaord icons. He has found a world that goes way beyond the mere spreading onto toast, or squeezing into sandwiches – for Marmite, Colman’s Mustard, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Lyle’s Golden Syrup… and Worcestershire Sauce. So here are recipes we all want to cook, created in surprisingly easy and tasty new ways. The book is beautifully packaged with fun fillings of history and lore and stunning archive imagery from almost 175 years of the nation’s favourite Worcestershire sauce.

Paul Hartley is the author of The Marmite Cookbook, The Lea & Perrins Cookbook, The Colman’s Mustard Cookbook, The Heinz Tomato Ketchup Cookbook, The Lyle’s Golden Syrup Cookbook and The HP Sauce Cookbook. He is a gifted food writer and a talented chef. In a past life he has run European-style café-bars in London and an award-winning country pub in deepest Somerset.

Lobster & Chips

Trish Hilferty has written her first book: a splendidly elegaic and mouthwatering celebration of that perfect gastronomic marriage between fish and potato. This is comfort food of the highest order and a unique collection of comfort dishes – more than 100 recipes – that have travelled and translated across a vast range of countries and cultures. Trish Hilferty, previously chef of the award-winning Fox Dining Room gastropub in Shoreditch, writes with passion and authority about mouthwatering combinations of these two versatile and robust ingredients. Stunning photography throughout from Jason Lowe.

Born and brought up in Sydney in a family of food lovers, Trish Hilferty began her cooking career in the mid-1980s working in various hotel bistros. After travelling and working along Australia’s east coast, Trish moved to London. Here, she ‘switched sides’, learning the restaurant trade from the front of house at Braganza. Trish returned to cooking, eventually ending up at the Brackenbury with Adam Robinson. After time back home and further travelling, she returned to London to work at the Eagle, London’s first gastropub. After two and a half years there and another sojourn in Sydney, she set up the Fox Dining Room in 2001, which scooped the prestigious ‘Tio Pepe London Gastro Pub of the Year’ award in 2005. She is the authot of the genre-defining Gastropub Classics and has contributed to Big Flavours & Rough Edges, and Real Pub Food (Absolute Press). Lobster & Chips is her first book and is avaiolable in paperback as Fish & Chips.



The Little Book of Cheese Tips

A desirable food gift book, compiled by a true bon viveur; the perfect present for food lovers, at a price that will be hard to resist. An invaluable collection of tips on how to buy, store, slice, serve and cook with cheese. From precision-cutting your truckles to ideas for the perfect fondue. A book full of flash and frugal fromage advice.

The Little Book of Coffee Tips

A desirable gift book; the perfect present for coffee afficionados, at a price that will be hard to resist. The Little Book of Coffee Tips contains a plethora of facts about beans, blends and all things coffee. Learn how to discriminate between Kenyan and Columbian; commit to memory the correct dosage for first-rate espressos; read why you should avoid storing coffee in the freezer and swoon over hints for perfect French press drinking and marvellous Moka. Whether it’s a lavish latte, a care-free cappuccino or a first rate filter you’re after, this book is a golden blend of coffee wisdom

The Little Book of Tea Tips

A desirable gift book, a must for tea drinkers of the world, at a price that will be hard to resist. The Little Book of Tea Tips has been infused with fifty snippets of incredible practicality and wisdom. Avail yourself of the numerous cosmetic properties of the humble teabag; equip yourself with a perfect temperature range and steeping times; marvel at the amazing health-giving properties of a dozen different herbal blends. And just why does tea from the pot taste so much better? A rich brew of information and advice for all lovers of the leaf.

The Little Book of Wine Tips

A desirable gift book, compiled for aspiring bacchants everywhere; this is the perfect present for wine lovers, at a price that will be hard to resist. The Little Book of Wine Tips contains a vat of information, from the first few rudimentary principles of what to choose and when to drink, through to specialist advice on cellar storage and food-and-wine matching. Learn how to spot tainted corks. Find out how to get the most out of your sommelier. Understand why you should sniff the empty glassware at your table. Imbibe fifty fantastic measures of advice concerning an appreciation of the red, white, ros and fizz in your life.

The New Rayburn Cookbook

The official Rayburn cookbook is packed with sensational reicpes and beautiful food photography and marks a significant step-up for Rayburn owners who want to get the most out of their cooker. Richard Maggs is known nationally for his bestselling series of Little Book of Aga Tips series, while Dawn Roads was for many years the in-house home economist for the Rayburn company.