Street Food From Around The World

A beautifully produced and designed paperback with wonderful colour photography and evocative black and white travel shots, this culinary tour around the world’s greatest street food cultures offers not only a selection of fabulously exotic yet simple dishes but also conveys the author’s enchantment with the countries and cultures he experienced and the characters that he met along the way.

‘Wherever marketplace cooks and street-side food vendors hold court, great food is one of the pleasures to enjoy, feasting on fresh regional fare from the comfort of a rickety bench. From chaotic bazaars of Southern India to the serenity of the Nepalese Himalayas, from the steaming jungles of Sumatra to the cobbled labyrinths of Mexico City, James Mayson travelled the world, tasting the local flavours.’
Bath Chronicle

‘The book which I mostly turn to at the moment is a cheap and colourful part-travelogue paperback called Street Food From Around the World. Written by James Mayson, it is inspired by his eight years backpacking through South East Asia, India, Nepal, Egypt, Morocco and Mexico. Mayson has a comfortable, relaxed writing style which is particulary good when it comes to food.’
The Evening Standard

The Classic Rayburn Book of Slow Cooking

An adapted version of Louise Walker’s Traditional Aga Book of Slow Cooking for the Rayburn owner. A wonderful collection of slow cooking recipes ideally suited to the languid strengths of the Rayburn. In this book Louise Walker has researched and tested over 100 recipes, from Braised Chicken and Chicory to Mauritian Chicken Curry, Pigeon with Raisins to Moroccan Lamb Couscous, Pork with Honey and Apricots, Boston Baked Beans… the list goes on. Trouble-free, economical and full of flavour and perfect for friends and family to enjoy. Also available: The Classic Rayburn Cookery Book or buy both books together, available as The Classic Rayburn Boxed Set.

The Classic Rayburn Box Set

Two bestselling titles that add up to one of the most comprehensive collections of recipes for the Rayburn available. Plenty of sound advice and reassuring tips complement a wealth of classic recipes that range from quick and easy bites to slow-cooked wonders. This elegant hand-made red slipcase box comprises both titles in the Classic Rayburn series: The Classic Rayburn Cookery Book and The Classic Rayburn Book of Slow Cooking, adapted versions of Louise’s bestselling Traditional Aga titles, tweaked and tailored to suit the languid strengths of the Rayburn.